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Our Mission

Secrets of Giza started when two life-long friends, inspired by the music we loved, decided to form a band. After years of experimentation and frequent failures, we finally believed we possessed material strong enough to professionally record, produce and release. Like most young artists, lacking resources and corporate backing, the only option was to do everything on our own. Over the following years, the steep learning curve of audio production and achieving the studio quality needed for physical release became apparent, and led to experimenting with dozens of recording setups, amassing a collection of audio equipment and toiling with every DAW and plugin under the sun.  These years enabled us to obtain considerable experience, software, equipment and engineering skills, far exceeding that which was needed for our pet project. We now had the means to provide assistance to other independent artists who needed affordable and reliable production.

We have found that many professional audio services prey upon struggling musicians, either offering inferior services or grossly overcharging aspiring artists who lack the wherewithal to create a professional product on their own.  Seeking to provide a favorable option to independent artists, we started Secrets of Giza.  In addition to audio engineering, we have expanded to provide services in graphic arts, physical product creation, global distribution, contracts and other legal affairs.

We possess a deeply profound respect for art and the people who create it. By providing one-stop service with the artist actively involved throughout, Secrets of Giza surpasses the scope of a typical audio production company.  Our commitment to professionalism centers solely on what the artist requires – we work for the artist; the artist does not work for us.


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