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HAARK Biography

HAARK was created in 2007 as an outlet for A Demon Sheen’s combined interests in expanding the sonic boundaries of ‘metal’, and in exploring morality in a post-relativist belief system. Idiosyncratic, anti-genre, underground, and iconoclastic, HAARK is a proponent of biological anarchism, constructivist ethics, pan-animal liberation (including, of course, the humyn animal), and generally trying to be excellent to each other. HAARK’s alliance with Secrets of Giza is his first foray into producing corporate sale-units for the so-called music industry.




“the most extreme and brutal music flirting with experimental, ambient, industrial and brutal death… apocalyptic electronics and computer sounds… scorching and distorted, building upon numerous layers of freaky and scary sounds… simply insane.”
Metal Revolution

“very Experimental… incorporates elements of Noise, Grind, Industrial & Metal… very spastic and kind of all over the place… I was really getting into this a lot.”
Beowolf Productions

“Extremely blackened electronic cyber grind, inspired by metal, breakcore, noise, glitch and ‘post constructivist ethical dilemmas’… Fuck the rules, this is free expression!”
Decompression Magazine


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